Founded in 2000 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by poet, actor, and playwright Jean Dany Joachim, the City Night Readings Series is a forum for poets, writers, performers, and literature enthusiasts. Free and open to the public, the events of the series bring together a diverse range of literary talents to share their work with audiences in an engaging and welcoming atmosphere. Young and old, amateurs and novices, participants present their creations in English and in a variety of other languages.

For over two decades, the events of the City Night Readings Series have offered enriching and diversifying literary experiences in Cambridge, in the Boston metropolitan area and beyond.

CNR promotes the art of words. It has partnered with poetry festivals and encourages the craftwork of poetry, prose and storytelling, including the production of texts that have become publications in print and online magazines and books.

Poets and writers who have participated in the City Night Readings Series include Dominique Batraville, Fred Brown, Rhina Espaillat, Danielle Legros Georges, Doug Holder, Victor Pavlenkov, Luke Salisbury, and many others.