The American Society of the French Legion of Honor:

This play was sponsored the American society of the French Legion of honor. This society was created in 1922 its current president is Guy Wildenstein (2001).

This American chapter of the Légion d'honneur was organized in order to regroup and link the American members of the honor society. Its other mission is to create and strengthen links between the USA and France. The creator of the American chapters are William Francklyn and two ambassadors, Jules Jusserand (French) and Myron Herrick (American).

The Légion d'honneur (in English: Legion of Honor) is an order of merit given by the Government of France. First instituted by Emperor Napoleon I on May 19, 1802, it is one of the most prestigious French awards and the country's highest civilian honor.

The order is conferred upon men and women, either French citizens or foreigners, for outstanding achievements in military or civil life. In practice, in current usage, the order is conferred to many entrepreneurs, high-level civil servants, sport champions as well as other people with high connections in the executive.

Legion d'honneur Legion of honor kristophe Diaz
Legion of honor legion d'honneur kristophe diaz