Note from the Director:

Marie NDiaye's play "Hilda" is an incredible statement about the idea of servitude. She presents this woman Madame Lemarchand as someone who is "easy to please" who is looking to hire Hilda as a maid who will do everything. But more than someone to help her, Madame Lemarchand is looking for someone to be her friend, her confident, her victim…her mirror. And it with good intentions that Madame Lemarchand will mold Hilda in her fashion in spite of Franck and Corinne, Hilda's husband and sister. The opposite of the Pygmalion myth, Mme Lemarchand will form Hilda's education, culture and class, which ultimately leads to her destruction. Hilda, a character who is never seen in the play, the eternal absent mute, becomes a sort of fantastic ghost, whose only fault is that she believes too much in her own reflection in the same way as René Char's Alouette: "Fascinating, we kill her while marveling at her" 

Guila Clara KESSOUS, Producer and Director 

About the play :

Mme Lemachand needs a servant woman.  It will be Hilda. But she also needs Hilda's friendship, Hilda's life, and the illusion of a possible equality. How can she survive other than by being served?' (Book insert, Minuit Editions, 1999)

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