Kenelle Presume

Jean-Dany Joachim (Role: Franck Meyer)

He was already on stage at 15 in secondary school then joined the KPK Troup (Konbit Pitit Kay) in Haiti. Politically engaged, the troupe offers through its theatrical and broadcasted shows an illustration of the socio-economic and political situation of the country. Jean-Dany was involved in several plays such as: Lavi Lakay, Li Pa Mouri, Debride as well as Au cœur de la nuit and Boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessalines at the National Theater of Haiti (TNH). He created City Night Readings, a forum of encounters in Massachusetts for poets, writers and artists.

About his character:

Franck has a suffering body and soul. Deeply wounded... He is caught in Fatality’s nets in spite of his will. His heart is broken in a thousand pieces. His world is made of regret and despair. He doesn’t have the words to express it. J-D. Joachim.


Guila Clara Kessous (Role: Mme Lemarchand)

Gold Medalist of Theater Arts from the French National Conservatory and recipient of many awards in interpretation (Léopold Bellan Competition and La scène Française), Guila Clara Kessous has been all together actress, director and producer in Paris, Avignon, New York and Boston. After MBA in cultural business and a Master in comparative drama, she is completing a double Ph.D. between France and United States. She taught at Harvard University, Boston University and The French Cultural center and Alliance Française of Boston & Cambridge.

About her character:

Mrs. Lemarchand is nothing but an insane quest for power. In the play, she is mighty because she is wordy. Promises, threats, shouts, tears, seduction, bursts of joy,...the character jumps from an extreme to the other  spinning around herself like a whirligig to make her world go round. G.C.Kessous.

Kénelle T. Présumé (Role: Corinne)

It is at the National School of Arts in Haiti that Kénelle T. Présumé specialized in theater. She has been consecutively actress, assistant-director and teacher of theater at the Cultural Center Pyepoudre. There, she took part in more than twenty plays and theatre shows including Au coeur de la nuit at the  National Theater as well as Passage at the French Institute of Haiti (Cultural Center Pyepoudre). Very engaged in all cultural fields, she created many events around tales, theater, poetry.

About her character:

Corinne is a voice for the voiceless. She wakens consciousness, refuses alienation and indignity. Corinne is the one who dares, the one who decides to remain grounded and to ''cope'' with life. K. T. Présumé

Jean Dany Joachim
Clara Kessous