Deep into the Night

Someone is asleep while you are pacing
Before the wide windows overlooking the bay
With its glossy sheen and constant lapping,
And the few sparkling lights on the dark opposite shore.
Fathoms away in the city she is sleeping.

She lies on her side, unheedful of the noises
In the street outside her window, or of the kitty
Who has leapt upon the bed with alacrity
And stands stiff as fright while headlights flash,
Illuminating the dark room and the book about to fall to the floor.

You are reading deep into the night while she sleeps—
Political tracts, essays in Italian, fiction in four languages,
Including an ancient one, a language that you love.
Near dawn, your old cat listens to the rhythm of your breath,
And curls up at your feet, as does hers, at hers.


©Marcia Ross

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