Ars Botanica

The zinnias, from a local farmstand,
probably picked this morning,
till then held their heads to the sky
and drank from tended ground.

So give them a fitting container
which shows off the bouquet
but has some interest, in itself:
this clear rectangular vase.

Strip the lower leaves; recut
the stems; place the blooms
at varying heights, mixing dark red,
gold, violet, salmon

so from a distance it’s fireworks,
a finale caught in midair,
but the eye is drawn to see each flower,
the petals spread like a pinecone

curling down, or else rolled in
like tiny scoops that flare
from the flower’s center, which now you see
is the petals’ hue, but deeper,

and sometimes ringed by tiny blossoms
in the shape of yellow stars

©Gayle Roby

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Coordinator: Jean-Dany Joachim